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'Dedicated to cinema’s cult classics, mainstream dropouts and forgotten oddities'

Welcome to our new site!

Video, they tell us, is dead. An archaic format replaced by high definition discs and digital downloads; a bulky space taker, an analogue dinosaur, a piece of junk fit for nothing but the dustbin.

But then the stuff people throw away usually ends up being the most interesting.

With this in mind the Video Warriors have salvaged their VHS collections from the scrapheap to create a site dedicated to those films equally maligned or forgotten. Here you’ll find podcasts, blogs, videos, news and reviews from a team enthusiastically digging through VHS's grave, examining everything and anything from cinema’s murky past.

Each podcast will run on a theme (anything from Kung Fu movies to our favourite video shops to the films of Jan Michael Vincent), while the regularly updated blogs will offer up the individual musings of our team. Our review section will give analysis of films from our video collection (including which company released it and what trailers featured on the beginning of the tape) and occasionally we’ll be heading out to various movie locations throughout the UK to produce a series of short video documentaries.

And you can join our band of outsiders too. Either send in your own VHS reviews (which we’ll add to our video collection), add to our gallery of video shops or simply drop us a comment on our forum.

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